Albums that will always be in my playlist

Apr 20, 2018

Alter Bridge - Blackbird

Blackbird for me is more than just a great album. It was my background music, my OST, if you will, during my O/A level years. Almost every track holds a precious memory and one song in particular, Watch Over You, is the song that brought Happy (my girlfriend) and me together. It was our song in ...

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To be Inferior

Mar 14, 2018

Stars and galaxies, particle physics and atom smashers. What’s it like to live on the bleeding edge of something? What’s it like to own a brilliant mind and be able to give substance to imagination? Haven’t we all craved that power? Haven’t you, after a successful day at school or work, sipped coffee and wondered about the future and how you, the extraordinary and brilliant, would provide th...

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Elementary OS - macOS for free

Feb 20, 2018

Ever since my brother introduced me to Fedora in the mid-2000s, I’ve been enamoured with the whole concept of Linux. The way it allowed the user to customize its desktop environment in near limitless ways astounded me. Nothing was off limits. You could change the system theme, install your own icon pack, even use flashy effects for the most mundane of window animations. The only requirement ...

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Babadook - Heartbreak and Horror

Feb 16, 2018

The death of a loved one can leave you feeling empty and confused. We’ve all felt that indescribable mixture of rage and anguish at some point in our lives. Some cry and tear at their hair while others do nothing for days, unable to process what has happened. Some let their emotions flow while some bury them deep, not allowing themselves to look weak. Self-Reconciliation is a trait many don’...

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