Hi, I'm Raj

I'm a Web Developer

Who I am

Aristotle once said that websites are a window to one's soul. As a window-maker, I'm here to do just that - create beautiful, crispy windows for your next big idea.

My full name is Raj Narayan Saha. I was born and raised in Bangladesh and I'm currently doing my Bachelor's in Computer Science in SEGi University, Malaysia. I expect to graduate by Spring of 2018.

What I can do

Storytelling is one my many passions. Be it composing music, sketching Batman or writing game reviews, I like making and sharing things with people. Being a web developer allows me to combine my love for the arts with programming.

As such, I can help digitize your story with beautiful copywriting, images and thoughtful design. And so you'll find that...

I keep my sites simple

Most users don't linger for long. They scroll through content and only take in what's necessary, which is why I design with simplicity in mind.

I use vector graphics

With high resolution displays becoming the norm, one needs assets that retain fidelity no matter the display. Hence, vector graphics. Plus they're super fun to make!


With my mastery of the three elements of the Web (HTML, CSS & JavaScript), I can shape your idea into something beautiful.

So, let's talk

I'm available for freelance work, coffee and gaming on Steam (among other things). Hit me up!